Sunset Organics

This is my favorite place to get weed.  It’s real simple.  Here it is:  they have lots of weed at lots of fair prices.  Better still, these guys like to make friends and love to make deals.  Selection, price and service.  These guys should run management courses for other businesses.

Look, every place has great weed.  It’s California.  Every dispensary has something that they’ll swear is the bombest most dankest most dopest chronic ever.  And they’ll probably be right.

Sunset Organics does not disappoint here.  They have a wide selection of top-shelf strains with a $60 cap.  That’s all fine and good.  But Sunset Organics excels with the mid-range and budget strains.

They have plenty of glistening, glowing, sweet and sticky buds in the $45 range.  They also offer an array of shake and trim choices.  Just yesterday, I just picked 9 grams of bud for $20.  Is it great CA weed?  Nope.  But  I’d have been happy to have growing up.

Qualify for big discounts when you buy in ounces and half-ounces.  Get an ounce of shake for $80-100.  Ounces of dependable if unspectacular bud for $120-150.  The good stuff goes for around 300 an ounce.

These guys love to make deals, and I’m always happy to make them.  These days I just offer whatever money I have and take their suggestions.  It’s always a better deal than you’ll find on the jam-packed dry erase boards.

Edible selection is solid, but not extensive.  They have candies, cookies, brownies and a few  novelty choices, like BBQ sauce.  But the real emphasis is on smokables.

Bring your original doctor’s prescription for your initial visit.  After registering, you’ll only  need to bring your ID.  First time  patients receive a free gift, usually a joint and a discount.  But these guys love to make friends, so you may walk away with a little something extra.

2210 West Sunset Blvd


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