The Farmacy

The Farmacy is the luxury cruise liner of pot stores.  They’re great looking stores with nice art on the walls, plasma screen TV’s and merchandise for sale.  There’s also marijuana, just like every other pot shop.

The marijuana at the Farmacy is not any more awesome than the decor.  Which is to say, it’s good.  It’s overpriced, for sure.  There’s a good variety of strains in the $55-65 range, but nothing for $30-45 budgets.

It must be said that I am not the Farmacy’s target customer.  I do not shop at Whole Foods.  I will never find myself in a situation that requires me to tip someone in a restroom.  I do not feel good about myself when I pay more than I need to for something.

Worse still, they cap most strains at 1/8.  This means there are no discounts for bulk purchases.  Again, the Farmacy seems to cater more to casual weed smokers who enjoy a quality bowl after dinner than the joint-smoking-city-traversing demographic.

They do have an extensive selection of edibles.  Lots of candies, cookies and treats.  And everything else, including expensive vegan dinners.

Bring your original doctor’s note for your first registration.  After that, it’s cool to bring just your ID.  New patients receive a free joint or something.

I did think it was cool when I saw Seth Rogen there once.  I was waiting in the lobby while my friend with lots of debt stopped to pick up an eighth.

The Farmacy has three locations in three snooty neighborhoods, West Hollywood, Westwood and Abbot Kinney.

The Farmacy

7825 Santa Monica Blvd

1035 Gayley Ave

1509 Abbot Kinney Blvd


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