Dr. James Eisenberg

Dr. Eisenberg is one of the oldest and most well-known pot doctors in the city.  He’s also one of the most expensive.  His prescriptions are always valid and always verified.  But the pricing model’s based on an era before weed went Starbucks in LA.

When it comes to medical marijuana doctors, one is really as good as they other.  They’re going to give you some cursory advice (smoking is bad for your lungs), and a marijuana recommendation that’s good for one year. So there are really only two factors to consider:  price, and reliability.

Dr. Eisenberg’s support services are among the most expensive.  But he’s also among the most reliable.  Which is to say, his recommendations are never denied by dispensaries, and his office is always accessible for new patient verifications.

Eisenberg’s main selling point is his 24-hour phone verification system.  It’s nice to know you can be checked into new clinics at any time night or day, but since tight zoning and operations restrictions, there aren’t any 24-hour dispensaries.  So basically, you’re paying a 100% mark-up for the ability to visit new clinics between 8 and 11 pm.

As for his medical advice, it’s pretty much all a pot doctor can offer.  By this point in his career, Eisenberg seems to be on auto-pilot.  I went with a friend, and he saw us at the same time (which would seem to be a violation of doctor patient confidentiality), and proceeded to have the exact same conversation with each of us, word-for-word.   But really, what more does anyone need?

Hours are limited.  Walk-ins are welcome Tuesday-Thursday, 12-6.  Prices are way high… 175 for new patients, 85 for renewals. You can renew from any doctor, but at those prices, why would you bother?

Your new recommendation will come with a 24-hour waiting period in which you’ll only be able to buy from one dispensary.  It’s a pretty shameless way to get you to shop at a friendly co-op.

It’s worth adding that Pacific Support Services benefits from the awesome telephone number 888-GOT-KUSH.

1017 N. La Cienega Blvd.,   Suite 110



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