Dr. Alexander Popov

A quick and efficient pot doctor in the heart of Melrose’s little pot district.  This mile or so of Melrose is home to an ever burgeoning number of dispensaries and doctor’s.  Popov’s clinic is among the most affordable in the city and has a dependable verifications system.

The shop is located in a small corner storefront near Melrose and Poinsettia.  Walk-ins are welcome, and the doctor sees people promptly.  Dr. Popov is pretty personable and engages in more conversation than a pot doctor has to.  It’s nice to not feel like your part of some system-scamming assembly line.

Popov’s office is open Monday-Saturday, from 12-7 pm.  Like most places these days, they’ll give you the option of buying a nicely printed card for your purse or wallet.  I’ve never been sure why people buy those things.  I don’t think they have any special legal or practical powers.

Make sure to check the LA Weekly, as Popov routinely runs special discount coupons.  While $45 is a totally fare price for a pot license, $35 is an even more fair price.

A while ago, there were some brief troubles with the phone system used to verify patients, but it was quickly sorted out.  The 24-hour verification system has been dependable for me.


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