Jenny & Alex’s Roof

Great views and good company are probably the two most important factors to consider when looking for a good place to smoke a joint in LA.  Jenny & Alex’s scores quite well in both categories.

They share a big house with some of their comedian friends in the hills overlooking Burbank.  They have a giant backyard that’s more like a private park.  They have benches and fences and wild animals.  But my favorite part is the low-hanging roof that’s easy to climb onto, even while smoking a joint.

The view’s amazing.  The valley is framed by mountains, and their yard overlooks Universal City Walk, which allows you to enjoy the fireworks shows without the crowds or the noise or the people who try to stop you from smoking joints.

The most exciting part of hanging out on their roof is watching the deer.  They come out all the time.  Even baby deer.  Jenny loves the deer, but was a little sad when they devoured her garden.  But instead of thinking of it as a disappointing vegetable garden, we decided to think of it as a very successful deer garden.

Jenny & Alex have a sketch comedy group called The Big Game Hunters, and they both write for a science fiction TV show.  I watched an episode Jenny wrote, and it was cool, but very complicated.  And not just because we were smoking joints.

The house is a little isolated at the top of the hill, so it’s a trek to get munchies at the nearest gas station.  Thankfully, Jenny & Alex usually have lot of snacks at their place, as they like entertaining guests.  Eric likes to fire up the grill and will happily char a wiener by request.

Also make sure you stop in and check out their bar.  It’s the same bar from the set of the Golden Girls.  The exact same one.  They bought it at a studio prop sale.  So you should probably make a mixed drink in honor of Betty White to enjoy with your joint.


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