Lilac Terrace Park

I’m not sure what the deal is with Lilac Park.  It’s super small, and I’ve never seen any parks people up there.  There’s hardly any info about it online.  But it’s a super sweet park.  And an excellent place to smoke a joint.

The park is on a hill, near the corner of Sunset and Elysian Parkway.  From the top, you’ll get one of the city’s best views of the downtown skyline. From the other corners of this tiny park, you can see Dodger Stadium, Santa Monica and the Malibu mountains in the distance.

I moved to LA from New York, and did more than my requisite share of bitching.  I remember complaining that LA’s skyline lacked defining towers like Empire State Building or the Chrysler Building or the World Trade Center.

But now that’s what I really like about LA’s skyline.  Without such defining buildings, the city can look very different, depending on where you’re standing. And that’s something I really enjoy about living in cities in general.

Because it’s a park, you really should smoke your joint on the way.  Sidewalks on Elysian Parkway’s usually pretty empty.  Or light your joint as you veer off Sunset at Douglas and head up Lilac Terrace’s one-way street.

It’s tempting to want to smoke right there on Lilac Terrace, but you should place it safe.  General Services cops might not be real cops, but they’re more than mall cops.  They can write tickets, and from what other smokers have told me, they have chips on their shoulders and inferiority complexes.

Sunsets are amazing at Lilac Terrace Park.  But it can be dangerous at night.  The park’s at the popular gang intersection of Echo Park, Angelino Heights Elysian Park.  There have been some shootings and muggings.  But it’s easy to overstate those things.  I go to Lillac Terrace all the time, and I’ve never been in any danger.

When munchies hit, go to Patra, this burger stand at Sunset and Laveta Terrace.  Just down the hill.  It’s super cheap and super delicious.  Regular burgers and burritos are only $2.50.  A giant order of fries is only $1.50.  And best of all, they take EBT!



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