MacArthur Park

MacArthur Park is a pretty sweet place to smoke a joint.  It’s beautiful in lots of ways.  Back in the early days of LA, it was the first artsy-bohemian part of town.  So people have enjoyed smoking joints at MacArthur park since the very beginning.

Like Central Park in New York, MacArthur park saw some tough times.  In the 70’s and 80’s, there were problems with drugs, prostitution and gangs.  Whenever they’d drain the lake, they’d find hundreds of guns.  And the cool lady ranger told me she found a body in the lake once.

But since a major revitalization effort in 2002, MacArthur Park is a different place.  They remolded the park and added security cameras and a Metro stop.  There’s lots of old people doing Tai Chi, dudes playing soccer, kids on the playground and an amphitheater for music shows.

Since it’s a park, you shouldn’t actually smoke your joint in the park.  So you’ll need to find a nice quiet spot nearby in which to medicate.  Stay away from the west side of the park.  That’s where DHS and City Hall are located, which means there are usually cops and lots of people around.

I recommend Westlake Ave, just South of Sixth.  It’s a pretty quiet street, parallel to MacArthur Park’s east border.  There’s been a bunch of construction lately, and the sidewalk’s obstructed.  So nobody really walks that way.

Waking up early sucks, but it does have its rewards.  I recommend getting out to MacArthur park at dawn.  Have a nice morning roast and head to the west side of the lake, and watch the sunrise over downtown.  LA feel completely different before the sun rises.  And there’s nothing like watching your city come to life.

If you feel like taking a stroll, head West on Sixth to Lafayette Park.  It’s small until recently, has been in pretty bad shape.  But thanks to a new restoration projects, there are new trees and bushes and walkways popping up each week.

For munchies, check out the street vendors by the Metro stop They have awesome cookies, tamales and oatmeal in the morning.  For lunch, get the super cheap burger combos at the Guatemalan diners  on south border of the park.  Take it to go and eat it by the lake.


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