Under the N. Spring Street Bridge

I don’t really know much about this place.  Don’t know why put it there, or when.  I suppose the answer to “why” is pretty obvious… because it’s cool.  And inspiring.  And a great place to smoke a joint and reflect.

If you take Spring Street north through Chinatown, you’ll eventually reach the tiny bridge spanning the tiny LA river.  Veer to the left, and head under the bridge embankment you’ll find a unique public art space.

First is an altar beneath a towering purple neon sign which reads “Another City is Possible.”  There are desks and benches which are free and available for anyone.  I like to think of this place as my office.  Rent is free and the view is sweet.

Under the bridge’s next span is a red stage before giant Chinese letters.  Who knows though… they could be Japanese.  I don’t really know.  But since it’s more giant neon from people who brought you “Another City is Possible,” you can be assured that it’s wise and uplifting.

A few old cars have been turned into planters.  Colorful flowers spill from the windshields, windows and sunroofs.  Walls have been modified to house pockets of plants.  It’s all about reinvention… the reinvention of public space and physical objects.  The reinvention of cities and people.

It’s enough to make you want to smoke another joint.

But be mindful of the sign designating the space as “drug free.”  So you’ll need to medicate nearby.  There are some impressive murals lining Spring Street, just south of the bridge.  There’s more than enough detail to keep you enthralled while smoking that joint.

As for munchies, there’s not a lot in the immediate vicinity.  Nick’s café is a super cute vintage diner, but it’s way to expensive for me.  Chinatown’s your best bet.  Stop by Family Pastry on Spring and Alpine or the place in the alley by the Phoenix Bakery.  It’s a nice little walk up the bridge, so pick up your pork buns before you leave Chinatown.


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