Stay Safe & Legal

LA wants you to smoke joints.  They just want you to be safe and legal.  And really, you have no excuse.  It’s so easy and so affordable that to not get a pot card would mean you’re only being a stubborn jerk about it.

Maybe you’re new to the concept of medical marijuana, but medical marijuana is not new to California.  With Proposition 215, voters first legalized marijuana in 1996.  Since then, laws have continued to decriminalize and popularize marijuana across the state.  But Los Angeles in particular.

Possession of marijuana, medical or not, is now punishable by a small fine.  In some parts of the city, smoking joint isn’t even a stoppable offense.  But despite the increasing tolerance of marijuana, since it’s not totally legal, you’re not totally safe.

Unless, of course, a doctor approves you to use medical marijuana.  Thankfully, if you are a Californian and you have a pulse, a doctor will approve you to use medical marijuana.

To get safe and legal, you’ll have to be a legal resident of California.  If you have a drivers license, you’re good.  You can also get a legal CA state identification card.

This is an ID that looks like just like drivers license and does everything a drivers license does, except license you to drive.  These cards are super cheap, and you get them at the DMV.  Just bring a bill addressed to a California address.  If you can get library card, you can get a pot card.

Take your ID to a pot clinic and meet with a medical marijuana doctor.  You’ll pay between $40-150 for a permit to buy, carry and consume marijuana.  Just observe the few rules and regulations and keep your papers up to date, and you can smoke joints all over LA in a completely safe and legal way.


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