How To Buy Medical Marijuana

If you want to smoke joints around LA, you’ll need to do it legally and safely.  Even if marijuana is on the fast track to being pretty much legal, it’s silly not to protect yourself.  Especially since the city makes it so easy and so affordable.

To buy medical marijuana legally, you’ll need to visit a doctor and obtain a prescription (or “recommendation”).  But it’s not as easy as visiting your family doctor.  To get a special pot prescription, you’ll have to see a special pot doctor.

The pot doctor will discuss your various ailments and determine whether or not medical marijuana could be right for you.  It most certainly will be, as your friendly pot doctor will want to sell you a prescription just as badly as you’ll want to smoke a joint on your walk home.

But first you’ll need to visit a medical marijuana dispensary.  Doctors offices do not actually stock the “medicines,” and because of specifics of the law, pot can’t be sold at any old for-profit shop.

Medical marijuana still has to be marketed and sold in a non-profit community co-op manner.  Of course, this is a ruse.  Medical marijuana is the only growth sector of this dismal economy, and pot shops are making money hand over fist.

But in order to make the supply and demand of marijuana seem more palatable to the non-stoner public, we have to dance this little dance.  It’s a modest compromise, all things considered.

Once you’re a registered patient at a dispensary or co-op, you’ll be allowed to “donate” money in exchange for an equivalent amount of “medicine.”  Most dispensaries have limits on the amount of marijuana a patient can purchase, but in most cases those limits are so ridiculously high they don’t matter.  And you can come back the next day and buy more anyways.


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