How To Get A Medical Marijuana Perscription

Don’t let the  jargon and air of legitimacy fool you… Medical marijuana isn’t just for AIDS and cancer patients.  If you want to get a medical marijuana prescription, you will get a medical marijuana prescription.  Probably within an hour.

You’ll only need two things:  proof of California citizenship and some money to pay your specialized pot doctor.  A CA drivers license or DMV-issued state ID card will prove your citizenship.  Depending on which doctor you visit, you’ll spend $40-150.

It’s really that simple.

Since California voters legalized the use of medicinal marijuana back in 1996, the pot industry has boomed, especially in the last few years.  Before a recent set of regulations closed some dispensaries, pot stores in LA outnumbered McDonalds and Starbucks combined.

So it’s easier than ever to find a medical marijuana doctor.  They’re everywhere.  And they’re giving away recommendations.  So don’t be too worried about qualifying for legal weed status.  At some places, you’ll pay before you see the doctor.

Your meeting with the doctor will be short and cursory.  You’ll be asked some general questions about your condition, and the doctor will agree that marijuana could help those symptoms.  And he probably won’t be lying either.

Once you’re approved, you’ll be given an official doctor’s recommendation.  Hang onto this form because you’ll need it every time you register with a new dispensary.

In case you behave extraordinarily strange in the doctor’s office, your new pot license will be good for one year.  The doctor does not set limits or recommendations for doses, so it’s totally up to the individual patient to medicate as needed.  But since nobody can overdose on marijuana, there’s no real threat here.



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