How To Get Good Deals On Medical Marijuana

The market for marijuana has changed rapidly over the last few years.  New strands and new products have kept pace with the neighborhood dispensaries popping up everywhere.  As shops compete and cultivation techniques improve, it’s becoming easier and easier to get good deals on medical marijuana.

If you’re looking for a good deal, don’t look in a fancy neighborhood.  Dispensaries in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills are catering to the same kinds of customers at neighboring restaurants and small dog boutiques.  In other words, the kinds of people who are happy to pay more than they need to.  Better deals on medical marijuana can be found in the Valley or the East side.

The surest way to get a good deal on medical marijuana is to buy in bulk.  Most dispensaries offer special discounts for purchases of a half ounce or more, so try to make all your monthly weed purchases at once.  Or go in with some of your other friends who smoke medicine legally and safely.

But many dispensaries also offer budget strands.  It’s possible to find dependable (if unspectacular) bud for $15-30 an eighth.  A bulk discount could cut that price in half.

Shake is another way to save money.  It’s easy to get spoiled on California bud.  But shake is only a fraction of the price.  A good house shake can be just as good as bud.  But look out for bad shake.  Lots of dispensaries sell a shake that’s more like trim.  Or worse, ground up stems and stuff that smells like dirt.

Many dispensaries offer special discounts for new patients.  Just taking the time to register and try out a new shop could save you as much as 25%.



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