How To Find the Best Medical Marijuana For You

If you’re new to the world of medical marijuana, it can all seem a little intimidating.  There are clinics everywhere.  Green neon crosses are popping up everywhere.  You can smoke pot, eat pot and drink pot.  And then there are the millions of strains with funny names!  But despite the myriad of choices, it’s still pretty easy to find the best medical marijuana for you.

There are two basic kinds of medical marijuana:  Indica and Sativa.  Every pot strain with a zany name belongs to one of these two families, or is a hybrid containing qualities of each.  They offer different effects and treat different medical conditions.

Marijuana in the Sativa family is described as a “head high.”  This type of marijuana tends to make people feel active, mentally engaged and alert.  Doctors recommend Sativas for patients suffering for depression, lack of focus or other mental conditions.

Indica marijuana is more of a “body high.”  Patients often use Indicas to treat symptoms like physical pain, upset stomachs, headaches or lack of appetite, which can be associated with many different diseases.

Sativa weed makes you feel like doing things.  Indica marijuana makes you feel like relaxing.  Or as the sign at the Koreatown collective says:  “Indica = Listen to a Song, Sativa = Write a Song.”

The other big question is how you’ll consume your medical marijuana.  Most people smoke it.  It’s the most traditional and offers the most immediate effects.  Smoking can harm your lungs, but smoking through a vaporizer device eliminates that risk.

The other way to consume pot is by eating or drinking it, both produce the same effects.  It takes longer for pot’s effects to kick in, but when they do, they’ll stick around longer.

But ultimately, your reaction to pot will be unique.  Everyone’s response can be slightly different.  What feels good to you, may feel different to someone else.  So experiment with different strains and types of medical marijuana to find what’s best for you.


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