Is Medical Marijuana Right For Me?

With medical marijuana laws changing rapidly across the country, more people than ever are asking if marijuana could be used to treat their conditions.

The answer is probably yes.  From serious or terminal diseases to everyday ailments, there’s a good chance medical marijuana could help.

In some cases, such as migraines or depression, marijuana treats the disease directly.  In other cases, medical marijuana helps to alleviate the symptoms like nausea, vomiting or loss of appetite commonly associated with Cancer, AIDS and other serious illness.  With these symptoms eased, the patient’s quality of life is improved, making it easier for other medical treatments to work.

For the purpose of legalization, much of the public emphasis of medical marijuana is on serious conditions like cancer and AIDS.  While that’s good PR, it’s certainly not representative of medical marijuana’s use, especially in California.

Medicine is used to treat a broad range of common conditions:  headaches, stomach aches, depression, focus, trouble sleeping, trouble staying awake…  Many people turn to pills and powders.  Others find relief from these same daily ailments through medical marijuana.  Side effects include laughing with your friends and enjoying music.

The best way to know if medical marijuana is right for you is to talk to a professional.  Only a doctor will be able to tell if marijuana is an option for you.  But plenty of studies and patient accounts have lead to marijuana being used regularly to treat a variety of diseases and conditions.




Multiple Sclerosis


Bi-Polar Disorder

Stress & Anxiety




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