Can Medical Marijuana Treat Bi-Polar Disorder?

While the medicinal benefits of marijuana have been well documented for physical pain associated with diseases such as cancer and AIDS, medical marijuana is also being used to treat mental conditions.  An increasing number of patients suffering from bi-polar disorder (or manic depression) are choosing to explore medicinal marijuana as an alternative to pharmaceutical pills.


People who suffer from bi-polar disorder feel emotions with a far greater intensity.  These emotional reactions can trigger sudden swings in behavior.  Someone with bi-polar disorder is prone to euphoric highs and depressing lows.  When left untreated, these severe emotional swings can lead to destructive behavior and an increased risk of suicide.


Medicinal marijuana can be used to treat bi-polar disorder by helping to level these emotions and regulate extreme behavioral swings.  While the pharmaceutical marketplace has been flooded with pills promising the same results, many patients are uneasy with the associated side-effects of these medications.


Two main kinds of medicinal marijuana are offered at clinics and dispensaries:  indicas and sativas.  While indicas are helpful for treating physical pain, sativas are used primarily for mental conditions, such as stress, anxiety and attention deficit problems.  A potent sativa can go a long way towards treating the complex emotional difficulties associated with bi-polar disorder.


Medicinal marijuana dispensaries offer a variety of ways for bi-polar patients to consume their sativas.  While smoking is still the most popular and immediate form of relief, patients can also find edible treats, soothing herbal teas and liquid extracts that offer long-term treatment for symptoms of bi-polar disorder.


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