Can Medical Marijuana Treat Cancer?

Marijuana has been shown to help treat a variety of medical conditions.   From commonplace ailments such as insomnia or depression, to more serious and life-threatening diseases.  Increasingly, cancer patients are turning to medicinal marijuana to treat many of the symptoms they face while being treated for the disease.


During treatment for cancer, many patients struggle with nausea and vomiting.  This isn’t merely a product of the cancer itself, but can also be a side-effect of more conventional pharmaceuticals used to treat the disease.  Smoking marijuana can provide instant relief to those symptoms, making it easier to eat, drink and cope with the immense discomfort of chemotherapy.


In fact, the medicinal use of marijuana to treat cancer has been legal in the United States since 1985, when the FDA approved its use for cancer patients who had failed to respond to more conventional antiemetic medications.


Another side-effect of cancer treatment is physical pain.  While chemotherapy may be necessary to save a patient’s life, it’s not without its drawbacks.  The process can be physically exhausting, leading to prolonged physical pain and discomfort.  Smoking marijuana can relieve these symptoms quickly, while ingesting edible forms of marijuana (such as cookies or cakes) can provide sustained pain-relief for hours.

While the smoking of any substance can contribute to lung problems or other medical side-effects, the variety of marijuana products at medicinal clinics make it possible to find marijuana products with limited side-effects.  Devices such as vaporizers can eliminate the smoke from the smoking process, making it possible to get fast, reliable treatment for pain and nausea without risking lung damage.


While medical marijuana can’t cure cancer, it can go a long way towards helping patients deal with the physical pain associated with the disease.  When used on conjunction with other forms of medical treatment, marijuana can help cancer patients win the toughest battle of their lives.


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