Can Medical Marijuana Treat Epilepsy?

While the medicinal benefits of marijuana have been well documented in relation to glaucoma, AIDS and cancer, epilepsy is one of the many serious ailments for which medicinal marijuana holds great promise.


Epilepsy is caused with specific brain cells become exited and discharge without warning, causing sudden seizures.  These seizures can vary in size from minor tremors to full-blown gran mal seizures.


While a host of anticonvulsant pharmaceuticals are available by prescription to help prevent unwanted muscle spasms, they don’t necessarily meet the needs of every patient.  A recent Canadian study found that 70% of patients found relief from their epilepsy solely though these drugs, with an additional 10% combining pills with other forms of treatment.  However, that still leaves 20% of epileptic patients in need of greater help.


Additionally, many traditional epilepsy medications carry significant risk of side-effects.  Some of these side-effects are common and relatively manageable, such as headaches, nausea and hair-loss.  However, more serious side effects include bone softening, impotence and depression.  In rare cases, anticonvulsant medications have been known to cause loss of motor control, coma and even death.


Daily consumption of medicinal marijuana has been shown to reduce or eliminate seizures in many patients suffering from epilepsy.  When smoked during a pre-seizure aura (known as a predome), medicinal marijuana has helped to prevent an oncoming seizure.


Medicinal marijuana shows great promise in treating epilepsy, along with a host of other neurological disorders.  Medicinal clinics and dispensaries offer patients a variety of products and delivery methods to meet the specialized needs of their epileptic patients.



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