Can Medical Marijuana Treat Stress & Anxiety?

Everyone deals with stress and anxiety to a certain extent.  However, for some people these feelings are so persistent and so overpowering that it becomes difficult to lead a healthy, productive life.  While prescription pharmaceuticals are available to treat these conditions, many patients are weary of the associated side-effects and risk of physical addiction.  As an alternative form of treatment, many are turning to medicinal marijuana.


Medicinal marijuana dispensaries offer specialized products to treat these conditions.  While patients suffering from physical pain may choose strains of medicinal marijuana from the “indica” family, those suffering from mental and emotional conditions use a kind of medicinal marijuana known as “sativa.”


Sativas have been shown to treat conditions such as bi-polar and attention deficit disorders, helping to level emotions and offer greater concentration.  Similarly, a good sativa can go a long way towards easing extreme stress and anxiety.


Medicinal marijuana clinics offer a variety of delivery methods.  While smoking marijuana is still the most popular and immediate form of stress relief, new medicinal marijuana products are regularly being developed to meet patients’ needs.


For long-term relief, patients may choose to ingest medicinal marijuana in the form of edible cakes and cookies.  For mild daily stress relief, medicinal marijuana can be taken in the form of a soothing herbal tea.  The active ingredient in medicinal marijuana can also be delivered through liquid extracts and concentrates.


While there are no shortage of pills and products offering relief from stress and anxiety, medicinal marijuana is among the most affordable, accessible and organic.


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